Vijayawada Tourism

Kanaka Durga Temple

One of the most prominent and renowned temples in Vijayawada is the famous ‘Kanaka Durga Temple’. The temple is ideally located on the hilltop of Indrakeeladri overlooking River Krishna and the grand city. During the festive season of Durgashtami, more than lakhs of pilgrims from all over the city gather at this religious juncture and horde to the temple after taking a holy dip in the most auspicious River Krishna. This temple is a very old one and it contains ancient scriptures of different dynasties all kept safely. This is the residing home of Kanaka Durga known to be the goddess of power, compassion and yes riches, is the overall controller and the only deity who is said to oversee this area. Right on the Indrakiladri hill, you get to see the temple where in the deity residing in the temple of Kanaka Durga is also known as Swayambhu or in simpler term ‘self-manifested’.This is why it she comes with an authoritative and empowering nature. It is also said that Adi Sankara who during one of his visits has installed the Sri Chakra at this temple. More Details

Bhavani Island

Vijayawada is situated on the Krishna river banks and includes several important Andhra Pradesh tourist attractions. Bhavani Island is one such attraction extensively covering nearly 133 acres area. This island acquired the name due to the Goddess Durga abode in the Kanaka Durga Temple that is located closely. As the other name for Goddess Durga is Bhavani, this island acquired the name Bhavani Island. This is a river island that is also an excellent escape to stay away from the city hustle and bustle life. This is an excellent place to relax rest and enjoy amidst the bounty of nature. The Vijayawada city presents architectural marvel and is well known for its ancient edifices. The Bhavani island offers great boating facilities to explore the in and around places. This island has well- manicured gardens, mangroves, shimmering water bodies, Rolling Meadows and pristine woodlands. More Details

Kondapalli Fort, Vijayawada

Kondapalli fort is located in the fertile land in the Krishna district, Vijayawada. This is an historic fort also referred to as Kondapalli Kota. It is located on the Eastern Ghats to the Kondapalli village west that is 16kms from the Vijayawada city. This is a 14th century fort highly popular as a trekking destination in this area. Kondapalli Fort was built by Kondavid Prolaya Vema Reddy. This was a business center and a pleasure place initially and was in association with the Guntur district, Kondavid Fort. Primarily it functioned as a military fortification place and there was a strong garrison of British in this fort. The Kondapalli Fort is a significant artistic tourist attraction. This is because it has the colorful toys crafting. These toys are made using a light white wood and are well known as Kondapalli toys. More Details

Prakasam Barrage

One of the most remarkable and very first barrages which was built by "Sir Arthur Cotton" is the Prakasam Barrage which is found right across the Krishna. This is an ancient and a very old barrage, which is around hundreds of years old. In the year 1950, it was again reconstructed since it was in a very bad condition. It’s condition worsened due to the construction of the much awaited Vijayawada Thermal Power Station in the year 1979. To assist in proper passage of water, it is necessary to have the water level to rise to around 17.42 meters, which is the bare minimum here. It water passes through a cooling canal, which then transports it to the thermal plant situated in Ibrahimpatnam. More Details

Rajiv Gandhi Park

Located on the banks of the Krishna River, the commercial city of Vijayawada is noted for its remarkable beauty and sophistication. The city has extremely appealing tourist spots that attract travelers of both national and international level. One such exquisite site is the Rajiv Gandhi Park. On the National Highway 9 of the state of Andhra Pradesh, this park is located at a position of gateway to the city of Vijayawada. Named after our former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi, this park has been created and maintained by the Vijayawada Municipal CorporationOpen from 2 pm to 9 pm, this park has a mini zoo with animals like crocodiles, varieties of deer, rabbits, species of birds, squirrels and other small animals. Hence it is an excellent spot of recreation and amusement for the children. The aquarium with different colorful fishes also attracts the children. This park also encloses an exclusive area of special interest. ... More Details

Gundala Mata Shrine, Vijayawada

Gundala Mata Shrine is a popular church and pilgrim in Andhra Pradesh for Christians. This is a beautiful shrine in the Krishna district hilly region, Vijayawada. The Gundala Matha Shrine or Mary Matha Shrine is also popular by its name, St. Mary’s Church. Gundala Mata Shrine is distinct on its own, as it has an iron cross on the hill top. The shrine has a museum and with good collection of precious gifts given by followers and ancient holy relics. On Sundays, significant occasions and festival days, the shrine is filled with people. Likewise, it is considered to be a famous pilgrimage. Here, Our Lady of Lourdes annual feast is held with gaiety and devotion. This is a well known pilgrimage place visited by people from all corners of the world. Mother Mary prayers help is a strong belief of people. On the hill top is an immense statue of Jesus crucified..... More Details

Gandhi Hill, Vijayawada

The Gandhi Hill is a tourist attraction and is a renowned hill. It is situated at 500ft elevation. It is situated above the Vijayawada main town. In fact, to be precise, it is right behind the railway station of Vijayawada, in the Tarapet area. The Gandhi hill has a memorial of Gandhi on this hillrock. It is one of its kinds with seven stupas and so the hills are also rightly known by Gandhi’s name. This Gandhi hill memorial has a library with good and large collection of books, a portrayal showing the Bapuji, the father of the nation, a planetarium and you can find Mahatma Gandhi teachings on the stone slab inscriptions. This hillrock is very important as Dr.Zakhir Hussain; the former president unveiled this Gandhi stupa on 6 October, 1968. More Details

Victoria Jubilee Museum Vijayawada

The remarkable Victoria Jubilee Museum is situated in Vijayawada City on the Bandar Road. It is one of the most eminent examples of Indo European architectural style and was built in ashlars masonry. Robert Sewell laid the first foundation stone of this building on June 27th 1887, and he was the District Collector of that time. This special date was chosen to mark the coronation of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations. This building’s chief purpose was to house the industrial exhibition. It later came under the authority of Zilla Parishad of Krishna and Zamindaras of Nuzivid, District Board, Krishna. The Government of Andhra Pradesh, in the year 1962, decided to take over this building and formally institute an Archaeological Museum. More Details

Hinkar Tirtha

Vijayawada is one of the important cities of Andhra Pradesh with lots of places of religious interest and otherwise to visit. Hinkar Tirtha (Jain Temple) is one such place which lies about 23 km from Vijayawada and definitely worth seeing. Besides, being of religious interest to the Jains, it is visited for its beautiful architecture and the peaceful environment. If one has to go by air then the closest airport is the airport for Vijayawada from where one can hire a cab to reach the place. However, the Vijayawada airport known as the Gannavaram airport is about 20 km away from the main city. The nearest railway station is the Gudivada railway junction which is just a km away from the Jain temple whereas if one has to start from Vijayawada railway junction then the distance roughly equals about 5 km..... More Details

Mogalarajapuram Caves, Vijayawada

Mogalarajapuram Caves is popular for its three cave temples. It is located near Vijayawada and dates back to 5th century AD. The cave temples feature impressive carving and are one of the best kinds, especially the ‘Ardhanariswara”. This cave temple has Lord Shiva and Lord Vinayaka deities carved and is today one of the oldest major attractions of Vijayawada. Moglarajapuram caves are on the Krishna River banks. They date back to prehistoric Stone Age times. This cave temple of the 5th century with the passage of time has worn out, yet its architectural beauty remains. This is a wonderful cave marking the remnants of architecture. The three cave temples that are in good condition are the Lord Nataraj, Lord Vinayaka and the Ardhanareswarar idol. Among these three, Ardhanareswarar idol.... More Details